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Your Battle Has Begun

And what does this mean?

One has to make sure that the religion one chooses to practice, is not a religion of FEAR .

So how does one know, if one's religion is a religion of FEAR?

You'll know, when you perceive that your priests/ministers impose foolish 'yokes' on your spirit in order to entrap your mind.

A few examples: 

(i)	You have to say prayers repeatedly, (over and over again) to gain salvation.

(ii)	You have to drag yourself to church every Sunday (or day of worship your church has decreed).  And if
	you don't, your priests wave a sword of damnation and guilt over your head to keep you (your mind) 'in line'.


Think about it! If you receive salvation NOW, ALL THOSE PRIESTS AND BISHOPS ETC., WOULD BE OUT OF A JOB !
You wouldn't NEED them (or their teachings) anymore.

Let me ask you, after graduating from school, get work, and move on to enjoy your life, do you still go back to your teachers from your school days every week?

No. You have gained from your schooling, now it is up to you to face the world with your knowledge and build on it.

It is the very same thing with your spiritual life.

Once you have accepted Christ, and become a believer [ a person of faith, that is, a child of Abraham. ], your schooling with those who taught you is over (unless you come together to share new revelations or messages). It is now up to you to face the world of experience and turn your new experiences into wisdom.

Because you, now, not only Know The Path, but you are now expected to Live The Path.

You live this Path, not one Sunday every week, but EVERY EVERY DAY.

This is the true Path of the Spiritual Warrior that is within you.

This is the religion of LOVE that The Lord taught:

You can receive salvation now, today.

With salvation received, you are free to do whatever you want, but (of course) being careful and not letting your new found liberty lead you into sin [ that is, to intentionally hurt your fellow human being ]. Because sin drags in death. And who needs death showing up?

Understand, that our Christianity is a Holy Family of LOVE. Where our minds are free to think and choose as we see fit, but we hurt no one in the process, because everyone is a member of this family.

As you read this, question everything , that is, DO NOT BE A BLIND BELIEVER, question your religion (and the dogmas) you choose to practice. Do it, do it now.


Because the sooner you free yourself (your mind) from every (spiritual) yoke - [ EVIL IDEAS ], the sooner you can enjoy your life. And the interesting thing is:

Your happiness in freedom, is exactly what Our Father in heaven had in mind by giving you Life.

Furthermore, let it be understood amongst all, that unless you are free to worship Our Father, through Christ, you can never be free!

Understand the meaning of the word 'worship'. To worship The Lord means TO TRUST THE LORD.

Herein is a great mystery by which some, though not all, may find true emancipation in life, upon earth. Worship of Our Father is the highest devotion which a man or a woman can fabricate into the structure of his or her heart.

To worship Our Father is the greatest act of love for all; to worship Our Father, through Christ, is to attain to the highest Peace and Joy.

This means that MAN is Free.

So, do not let ANY Church, religion, or group decide for you what truth is. Do not let anyone or religious organization decide for you through "teachings" and/or Dogma what 'worship' is.




The Quest for Truth, opens up an unimagined and wonderful new world to the seeker, so thrilling and so full of reward and interest that it is not within the power of human speech to portray it.

Keep an open mind, for only an open mind is big enough to contain the secrets of the universe.
This is the secret meaning to the proverb: 'Do not love sleep, else you will be impoverished, keep your eyes open and you will have plenty of food.'

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