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The removal of the righteous

On that day, The Christ will pity those, who are His own. He will send from heaven His sixty-four thousand angels, each of whom has six wings. The sound will move heaven and earth, when they praise and glorify.

Now those upon whose forehead, The Name of Christ is written and upon whose hand is the seal, both the small and the great, will be taken up upon the their wings and lifted up, before the wrath.

Then Gabriel and Uriel will become a pillar of light, leading them into the holy land. It will be granted to them to eat from the tree of life. They will wear white garments and angels will watch over them. They will not thirst, nor will the son of lawlessness be able to prevail over them.

Natural disasters to follow the removal of the righteous

And on that day, the earth will be disturbed, the sun will darken, and peace will be removed from the earth. The birds will fall on the earth, dead. The earth will be dry. The waters of the sea will dry up.

The sinners will groan upon the earth saying, "What have you done to us, O son of lawlessness, saying I am the Christ, when you are a devil? You are unable to save yourself so that you might save us.

You produced signs in our presence until you alienated us from The Christ, who Created us. Woe to us, because we listened to you. Lo now we will die in a famine. Where, indeed is now the trace of a righteous one and we will worship him, or where indeed is the one who will teach us and we will appeal to him.

Now, indeed, we will wrathfully be destroyed, because we disobeyed God. We went to the deep places of the sea, and we did not find water. We dug in the rivers and papyrus reeds, and we did not find water."

The lament of the Antichrist and the pursuit of the righteous

Then on that day, the shameless one will weep, saying, "Woe to me because my time has passed by for me, while I was saying that my time would not pass by for me. My years became months and my days have passed away as dust passes away. Now, therefore, I will perish together with you.

Therefore, run forth to the desert. Seize the robbers and kill them. Bring up the saints, for because of them, the earth yields fruit. Because of them, the sun shines upon the earth. Because of them, the dew will come upon the earth."

The sinners will weep, saying, "You made us hostile to God. If you are able, rise up and pursue them."

Then he will take his fiery wings and fly out after the saints. He will fight with them again. The angels will hear and come down. They will fight with him a battle of many swords.

The cosmic fire

It will come to pass, on that day, that The Lord will hear and command heaven and the earth with great wrath and they will send forth fire. The fire will prevail over the earth, seventy-two cubits. It will consume the sinners and the devils alike like stubble with true judgment.

Word of the coming judgment

On that day, the mountains and the earth will utter speech. The byways will speak with one another, saying, "Have you heard today the voice of a man who walks, who has not come to the judgment of The Son of God."

The sins of each one will stand against him, in the place where they were committed, whether those of the day or of the night.

Those who belong to the righteous will see the sinners and those who persecuted them and those who handed them over to death in their torments. Then the sinners in torment, will see the place of the righteous.

In those days, that which the righteous will ask for, many times will be given to them and thus grace will occur.

The judgment and the execution of the Antichrist

On that day, The Lord will judge the heaven and the earth.
He will judge those, who transgressed in heaven,
and those who did so on earth.
He will judge the shepherds of the people,
He will ask about the flock of sheep,
and they will be given to Him,
without guile existing in them.

After these things, Elijah and Enoch will come down. They will lay down the flesh of the world, and they will receive their spiritual body. They will pursue the son of lawlessness and kill him, since he is not able to speak.

On that day, he will dissolve in their presence like ice which was dissolved by fire. He will perish like a serpent, which has no breath in it.

They will say to him, "Your time has passed by for you. Now, therefore, you and those who believe you will perish." They will be cast into the bottom of the abyss and it will be closed for them.

The millennial age

On that day, Christ, The King, and all His saints will come forth from heaven. He will burn the earth. He will spend a thousand years upon it. Because the sinners prevailed over it, He will create a new heaven and earth. No deadly devil will exist in them. He will rule with His saints, ascending and descending, while they are always with the angels and they are with The Christ for a thousand years.


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