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They do not leave by night, nor depart by day, standing in front of The Face of The Lord and carrying out His Will - cherubim and seraphim standing all around His Throne, six-winged and many eyed. They cover His entire Throne, singing with gentle voice in front of The Face of The Lord.

	"Holy, Holy, Holy is God The Sovereign Lord!
	Heaven and Earth are full of His Glory!"


When I had seen all these things, those men said to me, "Enoch, up to this point we have been commanded to travel with you." The men went away from me, and from then on, I did not see them anymore. But I, I remained alone at the edge of the seventh heaven. I became terrified and fell on my face and said to myself, "Woe to me! What has happened to me?"

The Lord sent one of His glorious ones, the archangel Gabriel. He said to me, "Be brace, Enoch! Do not be frightened! Stand up, come with me and stand in front of The Face of The Lord forever."

I answered him and said, "Woe to me, my lord! My soul has departed from me from fear and horror. Call the two men who brought me to this place, because I have put my confidence in them, and with them, I will go before The Face of The Lord."

Gabriel carried me up, like a leaf carried up by the wind. He moved me along and put me down in front of The Face of The Lord. And I saw the eighth heaven, which is called in the Hebrew language Muzaloth, the changer of the seasons, of dry and of wet, and the 12 zodiacs, which are above the seventh heaven. I saw the ninth heaven, which in the Hebrew language is called Kukhavim, where the heavenly houses of the 12 zodiacs are.


And on the tenth heaven, Avaroth, I saw the view of The Face of The Lord, like iron made burning hot in a fire and brought out, and it emits sparks and is incandescent.

Thus even I saw The Face of The Lord, but The Face of The Lord is not to be talked about, it is so marvelous, supremely awesome, and supremely frightening. And whom am I to give an account of The Incomprehensible Being of The Lord, and of His Face, so extremely strange and indescribable?

How many are His commands, His multiple voice, The Lord's Throne, supremely great and not made by hands, the choir stalls all around Him, the cherubim and the seraphim armies, and their never silent singing.

Who can give an account of His beautiful appearance, never changing and indescribable, and His Great Glory? I fell down flat and did obeisance to The Lord. And The Lord, with His own mouth, said to me, "Be brave, Enoch!" Do not be frightened! Stand up, and stand in front of My Face forever."

Michael, The Lord's archistratig, lifted me up and brought me in front of The Face of The Lord. And The Lord said to His servants, sounding them out, "Let Enoch join in and stand in Front of My Face forever!" And The Lord's glorious ones did obeisance and said, "Let Enoch yield in accordance with Your Word, O Lord!"

And The Lord said to Michael, "Go, and extract Enoch from his earthly clothing. Anoint him with My delightful oil, and put him into the clothes of My Glory." So Michael did, just as The Lord said to him. He anointed me and he clothed me. The appearance of that oil is greater than the greatest light, and its ointment is like sweet dew, and its fragrance myrrh; it is like the rays of the glittering sun.

I looked at myself and I had become like one of his glorious ones, and there was no observable difference.

The Lord summoned one of His archangels, Vrevoil by name, who was swifter in wisdom than the other archangels, and who records all The Lord's Deeds. The Lord said to Vrevoil, "Bring out the books from my storehouses, and fetch a pen for speed-writing, give it to Enoch and read him the books." Vrevoil hurried and brought me the books, a knife and ink. He gave me the pen for speed-writing from his hand.


He was telling me all the things of heaven, earth, sea, and all the elements and the movements and their courses. Of the living thunder, the sun, the moon, the stars, their courses, their changes, seasons, years, days, hours, the coming of the clouds, the blowing of the winds, the number of the angels, and the songs of the armed troops.

Of every kind of human thing, every kind of language, singing, human life, rules instructions, sweet-voiced singing, and everything that is appropriate to learn. Vrevoil instructed me for 30 days and 30 nights, his mouth never stopped speaking. And as for me, I did not rest writing all the symbols and all the creatures.

When I had finished 30 days and 30 nights, Vrevoil said to me, "These things, whatever I have taught you, whatever you have learned, whatever you have written down, you sit down and write - all the souls of men, whatever of them are not yet born, and their places prepared for eternity. For all the souls are prepared for eternity, before the composition of the earth." I sat down and for a second period of 30 days and 30 nights, and I wrote everything accurately. I wrote 366 books.


The Lord called me and said to me, "Enoch, sit to the left of me with Gabriel." And I did obeisance to The Lord. And The lord spoke to me: "Enoch, beloved, whatever you see and whatever things are standing still or moving about were brought to perfection by Me. I, Myself, will explain it to you.

Before anything existed at all, from the very beginning, whatever exists, I created from the non-existent, and from the invisible, the visible. Listen, Enoch, pay attention to these words of Mine! For not even to my angels have I explained My Secrets, nor related to them their origin, nor My endlessness and inconceivableness, as I devise the creatures, as I am making them known to you today.

For before any visible things had come into existence, I, the ONE, moved around in the invisible things, like the sun, form the east to the west and from west to east. But the sun has rest in himself; yet I did not find rest, because everything was not yet created. I thought up the idea of establishing a foundation, to create a visible creation.


"I commanded the very highest things: 'Let one of the invisible things descend visibly!' And Adoil descended, extremely large. I looked at him, and behold, in his belly he had a great light. I said to him, 'Disintegrate yourself, Adoil, and let what is born from you become visible.' And he disintegrated himself, and there came out a very great light.

I was in the midst of the great light and light out of light it carries thus, and the great age came out, and it revealed all the creation which I had thought up to create. And I saw how good it was.

I placed for Myself a Throne and sat down on it. Then, to the light, I spoke: 'You go up higher than the Throne, and be solidified much higher than the Throne, and become the foundation for the highest things.' There was nothing higher than the light, except nothing itself. And again I bowed Myself, and I looked upward from my Throne.


"I called out a second time into the very lowest things, and I said, 'Let one of the invisible things come out visibly, solid.' And Arkhas came out, solid, heavy and very black. I said, 'Open yourself up, Arkhas, and let what is born from you become visible!' And he disintegrated himself. There came out an age, dark, very large, carrying the creation of all lower things. And I saw how good it was. I said to him, 'Come down low and become solid! And become the foundation of the lowest things!' And it came about. And he came down and became solid. And he became the foundations of the very lowest things. And there is nothing lower that the darkness except nothing itself.


"I gave the command, 'Let there be taken some of the light and some of the darkness, and become thickened.' It became water and I spread it out.

Thus I made the waters, that is to say, the Bottomless. And I saw how good it was. I made a division between the light and the darkness. I said to the light that it should be day, and to the darkness, I commanded , that it should be night. And evening came, and again morning came, that is, the first day.


And I said, 'Let the lower water, which is below heaven, collect itself into one collection, and let its waves become dry.' And it happened like that.

From the waves I created rocks, solid and big. From the rocks I assembled the dry land, and I called the dry land Earth. What was in the middle of the earth, I called chasm. The sea I gathered into one place, and I bound it with a yoke. And I said to the sea: 'Behold, I give you an eternal boundary. You will not break through your own waters.' So I fixed the solid structure.

The first-created day I named for Myself. Then evening came and again morning, and it was the second day.


"And for all my own heavens, I shaped the shape from the fiery substance. My Eye looked at the solid and very hard rock. From the Flash of My Eye, I took the marvelous substance of lightning, both fire in water and water in fire; neither does this one extinguish that one, nor does that one dry out this one. This is why lightning is sharper and brighter than the shinning of the sun, and softer than water, more solid than the hardest rock.

From the rock, I cut off a great fire, and from the fire I created the ranks of the bodiless armies - ten myriad angels - their weapons are fiery, and their clothes are burning flames. I gave orders that each should stand in his own rank.

Lucifer, one of the order of the archangels, deviated, together with the division that was under his authority. He thought up the impossible idea, that he might place his throne higher than the clouds which are above the earth, and that he might become equal to My Power.

I hurled him out from the height, together with his angels. And he was flying around in the air ceaselessly, above the Bottomless. Thus I created the entire heavens and the third day came.


"On the third day, I commanded the earth to make trees grow, large and fruit-bearing; and the mountains - all kinds of sweet grass and all kinds of sown seed. I laid out paradise as a garden , and I enclosed it. Thus I created the renewal of the earth. Then evening came and morning came - the fourth day.

On the fourth day, I commanded: 'Let there be great lamps on the heavenly circles.'

I created 7 great circles and gave them an appearance of crystal, wet and dry and for it to be a circuit for water and the other elements.

I pointed out to each one of them his route, to the 7 stars, each one of them in his own heaven, so that they might travel accordingly. Thus I made solid the heavenly circles.

On the first, the highest circle, I placed the star	Saturn;
on the second, lower down, I placed 			Jupiter;
on the third, 						Mars;
on the fourth,						The Sun;
on the fifth,						Venus;
on the sixth,						Mercury;
and on the seventh, the lowest,				the moon.

With the lowest stars, I beautified the air below. I appointed the sun over the illumination of the day, but the moon and stars, over the illumination of the night. The sun goes in accordance with each animal, and the twelve animals are the succession of the months. I assigned their names, the animals of their seasons, their connection with the newborn and how they revolve.

Then evening came, and morning came - the fifth day.

On the sixth day I commanded My Wisdom to create man out of the 7 components:

First:		his flesh from the earth;
second:		his blood from dew and from the sun;
third:		his eyes from the bottomless sea;
fourth:		his bones from stone;
fifth:		his reason from the mobility of angels and from clouds;
sixth:		his veins and hair from grass of the earth;
seventh:	his spirit from My Spirit and from wind.

I gave him 7 properties:

Hearing  		to the flesh;
sight 			to the eyes;
smell			to the spirit;
touch			to the veins;
taste			to the blood;
to the bones		endurance;
to the reason		sweetness.

Behold, I have thought up a poem to recite:

From invisible and visible substances, I creates man.
From both his natures come both life and death.
As my image, he knows The Word like no other creature.
But even in his greatest, he is small,
Again, at his smallest, he is great.

On the earth, I assigned him to be a second angel, honored, great, and glorious. I assigned him to be a king, to reign on the earth, and to have My Wisdom.

There was nothing comparable to him on the earth, even among my creates that exist. I assigned him a name from the four components:

from East -		A
from West - 		D
from North -		A
from South -		M

I assigned him 4 special stars, and called his name Adam. I gave him his free will; I pointed out to him the two ways - light and darkness. I said to him, 'This is good for you, but that is bad'. So that I might come to know whether he has love toward Me or abhorrence, so that it might become plain who among his race loves Me.

Whereas I have come to know his nature, he does not know his own nature. This is why ignorance is more lamentable than the sin such as it is in him to sin. And I said, 'After sin there is nothing for it than death.'

I assigned a shade for him, I imposed sleep upon him, and he fell asleep. While he was sleeping, I took from him a rib. I created for him a wife, so that LIFE might come to him by his wife. I called her name 'Mother', that is to say, Eve.

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