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"So now, my children, keep your hearts from every unrighteous deed, which The Lord hates.

Just as a person, makes request of his own soul from God, in the same manner let him behave toward every living soul, because in the great age, I will find out everything.

Many shelters have been prepared for people, good ones for the good, but bad ones for the bad, many without number. Happy is he who enters into the blessed houses; for in the bad one there is no rest, nor returning.

Listen, my children, old and young! A person, when he places a vow upon his heart to bring gifts before The Face of The Lord from his own works, and his hands did not make that thing, then The Lord will turn His Face away from the works of his hands, and he will not find the works of his hands. But even if his hands did make it, but his heart is complaining, the illness of his heart will not cease; making complaint without ceasing, he shall not even have a single benefit.


"Happy is the person, who in his suffering, brings his gifts, with faith, before The Face of The Lord, and sacrifices them and receives remission of sins. But if, before the time comes, he should retract his vows, there is no repentance for him.

If the time specified elapses, and then he does it, he will not be accepted, because every delay causes a scandal.


"A person, when he clothes the naked or gives his bread to the hungry, then he will obtain a reward from God. If his heart should murmur, it is a twofold evil that he creates for himself. It is a loss that he creates in respect to that to that which he gives, and he will not have any obtaining or remuneration because of it.

The poor man, when his heart is satisfied or his body is clothed, and he performs an act of contempt, then he will ruin all his endurance of poverty, he will not obtain the reward for his good deeds.

For The Lord detests every kind of contemptuous person, and every person who makes himself out to be great, and every untruthful word, stimulated by injustice; it will be cut out with the blade of the sword of death, and thrown into the fire. It will burn and this cutting out has no healing unto eternity."


When Enoch had spoken these words to his sons, to the princes of the people, and all his people, near and far, having heard that The Lord was calling Enoch, they consulted one another, saying, "Let us go, let us kiss Enoch." And they came together. up to 2000 men, and they arrived at the place Akhuzan, where Enoch was, and his sons.

The elders of the people and all the community came and prostrated themselves and kissed Enoch. They said to him, "O our father, Enoch! May you be blessed by The Lord, The Eternal King! Now, bless your sons, and all the people, so that we may be glorified in front of your face today.

For you will be glorified in front of The Face of The Lord for eternity, because you are the one whom The Lord chose in preference to all the people upon the earth; and He appointed you to be the one who makes a written record of all His Creation, visible and invisible. The helper of your own household."


And Enoch answered his people saying to all of them: ""Listen, my children! Before anything existed, and before ever any created thing was created, The Lord Created His whole Creation, visible and invisible. However how much time there was went by. Understand how, on account of this, He constituted man in His Own Form, in accordance with a similarity. He gave him:

Eyes	to see,
Ears	to hear,
heart	to think,
reason	to argue.

The Lord set everything forth for the sake of man, and He created the whole creation for his sake. And He divided it into times:

From time		He established years;
From the years  	He settled months;
From the months		He settled the days;
From the days		He settled 7;
and in those		He settled the hours;

and the hours, He measured exactly.

So that a person might think about time, so that he might count the years, the months, the days, the hours, the perturbations, the beginnings, the endings, and that he might keep count of his own life from the beginning unto death, think about his sins, so that he might write down his achievement, both good and evil.

For no achievement is hidden in Front of The Lord, so that every person might know his own achievement, so that he might not transgress any one of His commandments at all, so that he might hold onto what my hand has written in generation and generation.

When the whole of creation, visible and invisible, which The Lord has Created, shall come to an end, then each person will go to The Lord's Great Judgment. Then all time will perish, afterwards there will be neither years, nor months, nor days, nor hours. They will be dissipated, after that, they will not be reckoned.

They will constitute a single age. All the righteous, who escape from The Lord's Great Judgment, will be collected together into the great age. The Great Age will come about for the righteous, and it will be eternal.

After that, there will be among them neither weariness, nor sickness, nor affliction, nor worry, nor want, nor debilitation, nor night, nor darkness. But they will have a great light, a great indestructible light, paradise, great and incorruptible. For everything corruptible will pass away, and the incorruptible will come into being, and it will be the shelter of the eternal residences.


"Now therefore sons, guard your souls from every kind of injustice, such as The Lord hates. Walk in front of His Face with Fear, trembling, and worship Him alone.

To the true God, bow down; not to idols, which have no voice. Every kind of oblation, present justly in front of The Face of The Lord; but what is unjust, The Lord detests.

For The Lord sees everything that a person thinks in his heart. Then reason advises Him. For every thought is presented before The Lord, who made the earth firm and settled creatures upon it.

If you look upon the sky, behold, The Lord is there; for The Lord Created the sky. If you look upon the earth, then The Lord is there; for The Lord founded the earth , and placed upon it all His creatures. If you contemplate upon the depths of the ocean and on all that is beneath the earth, then The Lord is there. Because The Lord Created all things.

Do not bow down to anything created by man, nor anything created by God, so committing apostasy against The Lord of all creation. For no kind of deed is hidden from The Face of The Lord.

Walk my children,

	in long-suffering,
	in meekness,
	in honesty,
	in affliction,
	in distress,
	in faithfulness,
	in truth,
	in hope,
	in weakness,
	in derision,
	in assaults,
	in temptation,
	in deprivation.

Having love for one another, until you go out from this age of suffering, so that you may become inheritors of the never-ending age.

How happy are the righteous, who shall escape The Lord's Great Judgment; for they will be made to shine seven times brighter than the sun. For in that age, everything is estimated sevenfold - light, darkness, food, enjoyment, misery, paradise, tortures, fire, frost, etc. All this I have put down in writing, so that you may read it and think about it.


And when Enoch has spoken to his people, The Lord sent the gloom onto the earth, it became dark, and covered the men who were standing and talking with Enoch. The angels hurried, grasped Enoch and carried him up to the highest heaven, where The Lord received him and made him stand in front of His Face for eternity. Then the darkness departed from the earth, and it became light.

The people looked, and they understood how Enoch was taken away. They glorified God and went away to their homes.


Methusalam and his brothers, the sons of Enoch, hurried and constructed an altar at the place Akhuzan, whence Enoch had been taken up. They obtained sheep and oxen and they sacrificed in Front of The Face of The Lord. They summoned all the people to come with them to the festival; the people brought offerings for the sons of Enoch. They made a festival and made merriment for 3 days.


On the third day, in the time of the evening, the elders of the people spoke to Methusalam, saying, "Stand in front of the Face of The Lord, in front the face of all the people, and in front of the face of the altar of The Lord; and you will be glorified in your people."

Methusalam answered his people: "Wait, O men, until The Lord, The God of my father Enoch, shall Himself raise up for Himself a priest over His Own People." The people waited until that night in vain at the place Akhuzan. Methusalam remained near the altar and prayed to The Lord and said, "O Lord, the only One of the whole world, Who has taken away my father Enoch. You raise up a priest for your people, give their heart understanding to fear Your Glory and to perform everything in accordance to Your Will."

Methusalam fell asleep, and The Lord appeared to him in a night vision and said to him, "Listen, Methusalam! I am The Lord, The God of your father Enoch. Give heed to the voice of these people and stand in front of My Altar, and I shall glorify you in front of the face of all the people, and you will be glorified all the days of your life, and I shall bless you." Methusalam got up from his sleep and blessed The Lord, Who has appeared to him.

The elders of the people hurried to Methusalam and The Lord directed Methusalam's heart to give heed to the voice of the people. And he said to them, "The Lord God is The One who have given Grace to these people in front of my eyes today." And Sarkhasan, Kharmis, and Zaras, the elders of the people, hurried and attired Methusalam in the designated garments and placed a blazing crown on his head.

The people hurried and they brought sheep, oxen and some birds, all of them having passed inspection, for Methusalam to sacrifice in The Name of The Lord and in the name of the people. Methusalam came up to The Lord's Altar, and his face was radiant like the sun at midday, with all the people in procession behind him. Methusalam stood in front of the altar of The Lord, with all the people standing around the place of sacrifice. And when the elders of the people had taken sheep and oxen, they tied their four legs together, and placed them at the head of the altar.

They said to Methusalam, "Pick up the knife! Slaughter them in the required manner in The Face of The Lord." Methusalam stretched out his hands to heaven and he called out to The Lord thus, saying, "Accept me, O Lord! Who am I, to stand at the head of Your Place of Sacrifice and over the head of these people? And now, Lord, look upon Your servant and upon these people. Give A Blessing to Your servant in front of the face of these people, so that they may realize that You are The One Who has appointed me to be priest over your people."

It happened, while Methusalam was praying, that the altar was shaken, the knife rose up from the altar and leaped into Methusalam's hand in front of the face of all the people. The people trembled and glorified God. Methusalam was honored in front of the face of The Lord and in front of the face of all the people from that day.

Methusalam took the knife and slaughtered all that had been brought by the people. The people rejoiced greatly, they made merry in front of The Face of The Lord, and in front of the face of Methusalam on that day. Then the people went off to their own houses.


Methusalam began to stand at the altar in front of The Face of The Lord and all the people from that day for 10 years, hoping in an eternal inheritance, and having thoroughly taught all the earth and all the people.

There was not found one single person turning himself away in vanity from The Lord during all the days that Methusalam lived. The Lord Blessed Methusalam and was gratified by his sacrifices and by his gifts and by every kind of service which he performed in front of The Face of The Lord.

When the time of the departure days of Methusalam arrived, The Lord appeared to him in a night vision and said to him, "Listen, Methusalam! I am The Lord, The God of your father Enoch. I want you to know that the days of your life have come to an end, and the day of your rest has come close. Call Nir, second son of Lamech, and invest him in the garments of your consecration. Make him stand at My Altar and tell him everything that will happen in his days, for the time of the destruction of all the earth, and of every human being and of every thing that lives on the earth, is drawing near.

For in his days, there will be a great confusion on the earth, for each one has begun to envy his neighbor, and people will sin against people. Nation will wage war against nation. All the earth will be filled with blood and with very evil confusion. Even more than that, they have abandoned their Creator and they will do obeisance to that which is fixed in the sky, to what moves on the earth, and the waves of the sea. And the adversary will make himself great and will be delighted in their deeds to My provocation.

All the earth will change its order, every fruit and every herb will change their seeds, for they will anticipate the time of destruction. All the nations will change on the earth by My conflagration.

Then I shall give the command. The bottomless will be poured out over the earth and the great storages of the waters of heaven will come down on the earth in a great substance, in accordance with the first substance.

The whole constitution of the earth will perish, all the earth will quake, and it will be deprived of its strength from that day. Then I will preserve the son of your son Lamech, his first son, Noah. From his seed, I will raise up another world, and his seed will exist forever, until the second destruction, when once again, mankind will have committed sin in front of My Face."

Methusalam, leaped up from his sleep, his dream was very disturbing. He summoned all the elders of the people, and recounted to them all that The Lord had said to him; all the vision that had been revealed to him by The Lord. All the people were disturbed by his vision. They answered him, "The Lord is Lord, He will Act in accordance with His Own Will. Now, Methusalam, you do everything just as The Lord has told you."

Methusalam summoned Nir, the son of Lamech, Noah's younger brother, and he invested him with the vestments of priesthood in front of the face of all the people, and made him stand at the head of the altar of The Lord. And he taught him everything that he would have to do among the people.

Methusalam spoke to the people: "Here is Nir. He will be in front of your face from the present day as a prince and a leader." The people said to Methusalam, "Let it be so for us in accordance with your word. You will be The Voice of The Lord, just as He said to you." When Methusalam had spoke to the people in front of the altar, his spirit was convulsed, and, having knelt on his knees, he stretched out his hands to heaven, and prayed to The Lord. As he was praying to Him, his spirit went out in accordance with The Will of The Lord.

Nir and all the people hurried and constructed a grave which they made for Methusalam in the place of Akhuzan, very thoughtfully adorned, with reeds and many holy things. Nir came with many praises, and the people lifted up Methusalam's body, glorifying God; they performed the service for him at the grave which they had made for him and they covered him over.

They said, "How blessed was Methusalam in front of The Face of The Lord and in front of the face of all the people!" When they wanted to go away to their own places, Nir said to the people, "Hurry up today and bring sheep, bulls, turtledoves, and pigeons, so that you may make a sacrifice in front of The Face of The Lord today. Then go away to your houses."

The people gave heed to Nir, the priest, they hurried and brought them, tied them up at the head of the altar. Nir took the knife of sacrifice and slaughtered all that had been brought to be sacrificed in front of The Face of The Lord. All the people made merry in front of The Face of The Lord, and on that day, they glorified The Lord, The God of Heaven and Earth, The God of Nir. From that day, there was peace and order over all the earth in the days of Nir - 202 years.

After that, the people changed and turned away from The Lord. They began to envy one another, people went to war against people, race rose up against race, struggled and insulted one another.Even if the lip were the same, nevertheless, the heart chose different things. For the devil became ruler for the third time. The first was before paradise; the second time was in paradise; the third time was after paradise, and continuing right up to The Flood.

There arose great strife and great turbulence. Nir the priest heard and was greatly aggrieved. He said in his heart, "In truth, I have come to understand how the time has arrived and the sayings which The Lord said to Methusalam, the father of my father Lamech."

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