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Good and Evil


Let us start by defining 'Evil' as a conscious use of freewill ( a thought set in motion by action ) to hurt someone, who hasn't done anything to deserve being hurt.

This evil thought, or original evil idea, gives birth to a myriad of other evil thoughts ( other evil ideas ), such as deceit, schemes, etc. all to accomplish the goal of hurting another person.

As we know, people / entities that do evil ( follow the evil way ) always lose.

'To lose' may mean:

	(1)	The person the scheme is planned against, gets stronger, 
		by facing the scheme directed at himself / herself and coming out 
		stronger via the experience.

	(2)	That the evil scheme is thwarted in mid-course.

Point number one is self explanatory.
Let us now look at point number two: 'That the evil scheme is thwarted in mid-course.'

Many factors contribute to an evil scheme being thwarted in mid-course. One being the downfall of the person / entity, who put the scheme in motion in the first place. A major factor, that brings about this downfall is PRIDE.

There is a proverb, ' A man's pride will humiliate him.' This proverbs is proves true, because as one thinks up the idea of doing evil, a plan (scheme), is formulated to accomplish the original evil idea and any evil scheme has many steps (stages). This is where PRIDE comes in.

As the initial stages of the scheme gets accomplished, the schemer STARTS TO GET ARROGANT.
This is the first 'monkey wrench' that starts to thwart the scheme, because 'as arrogance grows, carelessness grows' also.
As the schemer gets careless, that one starts to make foolish mistakes - this is the second 'monkey wrench' that helps thwart a schemer's evil plan.

As more and more foolish mistakes are made, the more frustrated, hence angry, the schemer becomes. 'As anger grows, stupidity grows'.

So, the schemer, now at the height of stupidity and anger, opens the door for delusion. The proverb: 'The stupidity of the dullard is delusion', proves correct.

Delusion is the third and final 'monkey wrench' that thwarts the evil scheme, because with delusion now on the scene, the fool planning evil does not know - or refuses to believe stupid mistake after stupid mistake is being made, until the scheme and the schemer are thwarted.

I wrote 'the schemer' also, because there is another proverb that always proves true:
'You dig a pit, you fall into it.'

You can see an example of this, if you study The Second World War. Hitler, being the schemer, and the initial stages of his plan 'did work' as we see in the 'Blitz Krieg', but having had 'initial success', he then made countless stupid mistakes that cost him the war. And the proverb: 'At death, the ambition of evil men comes to nothing.', proves correct.


This is why, we are told, 'Do good (hurt no one) while you live', because the more good (kindness) a person shows, the more that person will see.

Food For Thought:

So follow the way of the good
And keep to the paths of the just,
For the upright will inhabit the earth,
The blameless will remain in it.
While the wicked will vanish from the land
And the treacherous will be rooted out of it.

Proverbs 2: 20 - 22

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