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A Story

North America, 1783

A very successful plantation owner is enjoying the best that life had to offer: a wife, a new son, and a very successful business. This man, however, had a peculiar tradition: Every night after his dinner, he would go out to where his slaves were, pick one and beat him up for no reason.

This man loved his son very much and taught him everything that he knew, so that his son may follow in his footsteps.

His son was intelligent and quickly learned everything about the family business. However, he also picked up 'The beating of a slave a day' routine from his father. So the two men would carry on this tradition almost every day.

The plantation owner dies and his son inherits everything. He carries on doing exactly as his father taught him. He does this so well that one would not even know his father was gone.

His father re-enters the world again, but this time he is born a slave on his own plantation!

This slave quickly grows up and for some reason, the other slaves feel that: There is something 'wrong' with this one and they try as much as possible to keep away from him.

The plantation owner's son changes. Now, instead of picking on a different slave each night, he just picks on one. He picks his own father, now born a slave.

He doesn't know it and his father, and his father, who is now a slave, also doesn't know it (but he keeps getting a feeling that he has 'been here before'). But now his life is incredibly hard.

The Lesson

This man has created a hell and now he is living in it.

This story teaches us several things. If you murder, you will be murdered. You cause suffering, you are causing yourself to suffer.

They say you can't 'take it with you', well, 'they' are wrong for your actions are your true possesions. Your deeds here on earth is what you will take with you into your next incarnation.

So if one's actions are one's true possesions, do you see how silly it is to build up material things here on earth? So many waste their lives amassing wealth (which from a higher perspective is worthless).

We have to understand that the earth is a school for us humans. We pick when and where to be born in order to learn lessons that would help us gain knowledge to become 'Like God'.

In Everyday life, if a student in a school doesn't learn the lesson taught during the school year, that student gets to repeat that grade until the lessons are learned.

On a higher level however, if an incarnated soul (and our souls are immortal - we just change bodies), doesn't learn the lessons it came down to earth to learn, it is sent back to learn those lessons.

That is why pursuit of wealth and having your ambition blind you is so meaningless.

Just imagine all the crap you had to go through in this life: ALL THE CRAP. Now, imagine having to relive all this crap
over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
Well, I guess I'm trying to make a point here. If you want, you can start right now to cultivate love, moderation (charity), hope, and faith.

Haven't you ever met a person and felt that you 'knew' him or her? Haven't you had a 'gut feeling' about something, but ignore it?
We don't come down to earth empty handed. We all come down to earth with spiritual gifts to help us learn the lessons we must learn.

One thing we must learn it to recognize it (THAT IT IS REAL) and use it.
A warning: Once your spiritual gifts are recognized, don't sell your ability for money (like TV psychics) because once you do, you lose that gift.

We all are of the same big family and your friend today could have been your brother in a previous life.

Understand that every event is your life is no accident. It is a beacon for you to know that you are on course with your life lesson.

So how does one start?
Study The Book of Proverbs. This book has 31 chapters (and almost every month has 31 days), so take a chapter a day.
Put your heart into your study of this precious book. Know it well. Once you start your study, you'll start to accrue wisdom.

Wisdom will come to you and you'll come to see that wisdom is better than gold.

They say victory is ours, now it all depends how we wage the war. So stop being afraid and live the life you were born to live.
That is: Love Life and Live.

But when you finish reading this, then remember all the evil in the world, you start to get depressed. Do not look at evil in that way; instead look at all the EXPIRENCE your soul can gain by fighting it.

One starts to fight evil by getting wisdom for himself or herself.

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