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FACT:	Meanwhile a Samaritan woman came to draw water, and Jesus said to her, 
	'Give me a drink.'  The woman said, 'What! You a Jew, ask for a drink 
	from a Samaritan woman?' (Jews do not share drinking vessels with Samaritans.)  
	Jesus replied, If only you knew what God gives, and who it is that is asking 
	you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living 

	'Sir,' the woman said, 'you have no bucket and the well is deep, so where can 
	you get "living water"?  Are you greater than Jacob our ancestor who gave us 
	the well and drank from it himself, he and his sons and his cattle too?'

	Jesus answered, 'Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again; but 
	whoever drinks the water I shall give will never again be thirsty.  The water 
	that I shall give will be a spring of water within him, welling up and bringing 
	eternal life.'

	'Sir,' said the woman, 'give me this water, and then I shall not be thirsty, 
	nor have to come all this way to draw water.'

	'Go and call your husband,' said Jesus, 'and come back here.'  
	She answered, 'I have no husband.'  Jesus said, 'You are right in
	saying that you have no husband, for though you have had five husbands, 
	the man you are living with now is not your husband.  
	You have spoken the truth!'

- John 4:7-18

We see from this event in the Lord's life, we learn the true 'definition' of marriage.

It tells us that Sex IS Marriage.

Walking down an aisle in fancy clothing, is for society to 'approve' of the union. It is the action you take (or what you do that affects your mind/spirit) that really counts - and that action is sex.

The woman has been intimate with five men (hence her five husbands), but the sixth one, she hasn't been intimate with (hence he is not her husband).

===>So the more women a man is intimate with - the more wives he has.

===>The more men a woman is intimate with, the more husbands she has.

The light shed by this event in the Lord's life teaches us that we have to be sober in these times.

Advice for The Sons of God

This topic is crucial for us, because we know that Our Father actually lives inside us. Back in Jerusalem, Our Father lived inside the temple, but now our bodies have become this temple.

That is why I cannot stress enough that you study throughly The Book of Proverbs .

Keep studying it until you notice changes in your reasoning, because in this precious book, it coninually stresses that you keep away from a woman that would give herself up while she is married.

Don't you know that if you choose to be intimate with a woman (thereby fuse your spirit with her), and she has happened to have had other lovers, your are fusing your spirit, not only with that woman, but all her other lovers as well?

Why on earth would you want to sleep with a married woman?

Yeah, I know, unbelievers are laughing their heads off - (This guy must be nuts, a man has a chance to get in bed with a woman and doesn't jump at it?).

But who said I gave a rat's ass about unbelievers?

It is you, a believer in Christ, (therefore you are God's Son) that I speak to.

A lot of people think that women are not worthy of respect.

Therefore if you have half a chance, you can become intimate with as many as you want (Some even think that this makes them 'a Man'.)

Keep this in mind: if you had a daughter, how would you like men to treat her? I think you would prefer that not only should she be respected, but she should expect and demand it.

If you are not willing to put a ring on her finger and commit yourself to her, DO NOT TOUCH HER.

So what now?

If one happens to have 'messed up' in the past, what will be in store for that one?



We, as a human family, must understand that there is a big difference in doing something in ignorance and doing something in full consciousness of The Truth.

The words I have written above are for you to test with the fire of your spirit.

If you do not find Truth in it, OK.

If you do find Truth in these words, and have 'messed up', now is your chance to 'give up' those actions that weaken your spirit, RECEIVE FORGIVENESS BY JUST ASKING FOR IT and start anew.

For now that you 'know' what effect this Holy Act has, you can now use your FREE WILL in Wisdom.

I am not saying that one is to become a hermit because I know that everywhere you turn your head these days, whether on television, a walk in the mall, a newspaper, a university or a magazine, (anywhere and everywhere) our minds are brought to the subject of 'sex'.

Understand, that when the sun shines on manure, the character of the sun in unchanged, but it is the manure that dries up and loses it's stench.

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