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How to study The Book of Proverbs

Here is one technique on how to start a study of Proverbs:

For the next 6 months study this book in the following way:
Since this book has 31 chapters, consider then one month to have 31 days.

[ This will help you to know who you are, and keep this DREAM/THOUGHT JOURNAL private. ]

Month 1: Read 1 chapter a day. Study, but do not 'memorize', this is just to prepare your mind.
NOTE: If you forget a day, just start off where you left off. (This is for all six months)
Month 2: Read 5 chapters a day. The same technique as above.
Month 3: Read 7 chapters a day.

The previous months, you fed your mind through your eyes.
Now, for months 4-6, you are to feed your mind through your ears!

For the next 3 months, record the book (in your own voice) on a tape.
It doesn't matter how long it takes you to record it, a week, 2 weeks (etc)

Then, after you have finished recording it:

Month 4: Listen to about 4-5 chapters a day.
For Months 5 and 6: , listen to as many chapters as you wish.

Start to see how the proverbs are connected.
Start to form your own proverbs and parables.

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