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Things people do, that infuriate The King

We know that the teaching of purgatory was introduced in the middle ages, when the ignorant masses were taught by the Roman Catholic Church.

The teaching of Purgatory was a 'money making machine' for the church, because they raked in huge sums of money by tying the teaching of purgatory and the selling of indulgences.

They would 'sell their wares' teaching the people in poem form, one, which roughly translates:

'As the coin hits the bottom of this chest, a soul ascends to Heaven from Purgatory.'

As time progressed, the 'ignorant' masses quickly grew less ignorant, so the church scrapped the selling of indulgences, but they kept the teaching of purgatory.


For they knew they could not scrap the teaching, because so many (including members of their own clergy) have put their faith in this teaching.

Argument #1

What is a gift?

A 'gift' is defined as something given freely.

How would it look, if you invited me to your birthday party. I come with a gift, give it to you, but demand a payment!

How would you feel?

The gift I brought is no longer a 'gift' as defined above, since I asked for something in return.

Argument #2

What if someone you love wanted a new car. You come to know of this, so you work and toil all year round, saving up and spending nothing on yourself so you could be able to buy that car for your loved one.

When the day arrives that you finally have enough money to purchase a new car, you hurry out, buy it, hurry back and present it to the one you love.

The one you love, instead of thanking you for buying a new car, that one repeatedly asks you, how much does (he/she) owe you for this gift.

How would you feel?

Our Father in Heaven gave us the gift of His Son, freely. All we have to do is believe and be saved. NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS.

To put your faith in a teaching that says you still have to suffer in a place full of sorrow for a number of years, before being admitted into Heaven is not a true teaching.

For people just like you are receiving the Kingdom of Heaven - and enjoying it, right here, right now, while on this very earth.

To believe you have to 'suffer' in some place, means you are doing extra work to gain salvation. This means that the suffering Christ endured for you, wasn't enough, and (it gets worse), the gift of the One, who sent Christ to die for you isn't satisfactory so you have to bring it onto yourself to suffer to gain your salvation.

As you can now see, this teaching quietly nullifies your faith in Christ. Further, the concept of 'a gift' freely given by Our Father, is nullified, because you have to work, in order to enjoy His gift to you.

We have been warned in scripture to be on guard of false teachers, who would secretly introduce destructive teachings. As you can see, this warning is real.

FACT:	For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen,
	masquerading as apostles of Christ.  No wonder, for Satan himself 
	masquerades as an angel of light.  It is not surprising,
	then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.
	Their end will be what their actions deserve.
- 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

These men tend to over complicate a very simple idea. This is to make you think: 'because of its complexity, it must be from God'.

My fellow Christians, our Christian Faith is very simple. It is beautiful and perfect in its simplicity.

One more point to ponder:


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