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The Roman Catholic Church is an intricate trap

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Peace be with you.

I will give you the story straight. An elaborate trap has been set for your spirit. The problem is that it is very difficult to recognize this trap because you have virtually been 'roped in' as an innocent child.

This scheme is much deeper than you thought.

The Roman Catholic Church has taken a bit of Truth and has woven many lies around it.
Your spirit is naturally attracted to The Truth, but once you start performing the rituals of The Catholic Church ( for example 'crossing yourself' ) your spirit becomes blind.

The Kingdom of Heaven is OPEN RIGHT NOW. You do not have to die, first, to get into Heaven. This is every Christians' BIRTHRIGHT.

Once you get into Heaven, you can see for yourself the true nature of The Roman Catholic Church or any organized religion on earth.
These are the 'wolves in sheep clothing' that we have been warned to guard ourselves from.

You must have already 'felt' that there must be something ' wrong ' with Roman Catholic rituals, but were afraid to question a priest about it. For when you start to 'question', you will start to get 'stone walled' or get answers that are so outlandish that you will wonder why you didn't start to investigate this before.

Do not worry, because here, I will outline what you are to do, and the best part about it, is that it is very simple, all the books you are to study are already in your bible.

To start to discern this trap, DO THIS NOW:

1.	Take out The Book of Proverbs and start to STUDY it.  

	When you can construct Proverbs and Parables of your own, 
	THEN go and re-study The New Testament.

That's it!

Just like in university, before you take Spanish III, you first have to take the pre-requisites of Spanish I and Spanish II, so your mind will be ready to understand the advanced teaching of Spanish III.

The same applies here. The Book Proverbs is your pre-requisite, so your spirit will be ready to understand the teaching of The Lord.

Here is the True Reason for this Trap.

This trap has been woven so as to make you lose your faith in Christ. That's it.

Some Catholics have already grown disgusted with the Catholic Church, so they 'wander off' to a pagan religion like Buddhism, and give up their belief in Christ.

Buddhists and Buddhism may 'sound' like a religion that cures mind, body and soul. Be warned, if you want to poke your nose in any other religion, make sure your foundation is your belief in Jesus Christ, FIRST and we all know this foundation is rock solid. That is: YOU NO LONGER FEEL FEAR.

The evil ones, who wove the trap of The Roman Catholic Church, want you to give up your belief in Christ, because they know that your faith in Jesus Christ is TRUE POWER. It is power that can completely destroy them.

Food For Thought:

A man plants an apple seed, and an apple tree grows.

Then some, jealous of this apple tree just because it nourishes Humanity, go ahead and harvest some apples.

After harvesting the apples, they mix it with meat, pork, and even cement!

The 'new' product is about 10% apple and 90% junk.

They then serve it to the people and say 'Here are your apples!.'

Yes, the apples are from the farmer, but the end result isn't.

The solution?


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