Words for Children of The King That is, Words for Every Human Being Let me tell you something you may not know: (I believe you already know it, but just need a reminder.) 1. Every Human being is a child of God. 2. Our Father - Blessed is He - is a King (The King of The Universe). If you are a woman, this makes you The Daughter of The King (a princess). If you are a man, this makes you The Son of The King (a prince). This is The Truth, so, you must start today to THINK, act and speak (on this earth and in Heaven) as a princess or a prince. DO NOT be fooled by the princes and princesses of 'this world', for they think that being royalty, gives them an excuse to be arrogant. The Kings of Kings (Christ Jesus) washed the feet of the disciples. This is humility. This is the kind action expected from The Children of The King. Also, it is EXPECTED that you accrue Wisdom [Study The Book of Proverbs], while down here on earth, because you have to secure this prerequisite, BEFORE you are given more responsibility. For you will need Wisdom and Understanding to perform the duties given to you. Honor your Father in Heaven in the manner prescribed. That is, in your room, alone, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ . Befriend whoever excels in virtue. Practice restraint in these areas: 1. Appetite; 2. Sleep; 3. Lust; 4. Anger. Do nothing shameful in private or with another. What do you consider shameful? - O.K. Don't do it in private or public, for you, yourself set your own rules. Love and Respect yourself above all - for to love yourself, respect will follow. You cannot love anyone if you do not love yourself. This is the very first step you must take. For everyone is already in you. So, if you love yourself, you do not even have to 'try' to love your neighbor, for love of self is also love of neighbor. Do not allow yourself to be constrained by any rule/law made by man, for your law is the one you make for yourself alone. BUT YOUR LIBERTY MUST BE ESTABLISHED IN A SECURE ENVIRONMENT. So seek Wisdom first [Study The Book of Proverbs], then, when your mind is secured, liberty [FREEDOM] is the next step. Your body is your vehicle and it must be tuned. For your mind clears as your body is shaped. Both go hand in hand. Protect your mind at all times, because your ACTIONS follows your THOUGHT. (That is, you must first 'think' you want to do something, before you do it.) For thought leads to Decision. Decision leads to Action. Action leads to Events. So how does one protect his/her mind? Study the Book of Proverbs. Train yourself to know yourself. One way is to keep a dream/thought journal. Try to write down your dreams and inspired thoughts. Then review it when you feel like it - there are no 'rules'. You may start to see a pattern. Understand that if you are a human being, you are of noble birth. There is a saying: 'The flesh and blood makes one forget.' When you are born into the flesh, you may 'forget' your divine origin, this is why we are sometimes careless with one another. We are all Children of The King. So act accordingly, for the universe awaits YOU. http://sonnen.tripod.com/enoch.html - The Book of Enoch
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