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The call of the prophet

The word of The Lord came to me, saying, "Son of man, say to this people,
'Why do you add sin to your sins and anger The Lord God who created you?' "

Don't Love the world or the things which are in the world, for the boasting of the world and its destruction belong to the devil.

Deliverance from captivity is through the Incarnate Son

Remember that The Lord of Glory, who created everything, had mercy upon us, so that He might save us from the captivity of this age.

For many times the devil desired not to let the sun rise above the earth and not to let the earth yield fruit, since he desires to consume men like a fire that rages in straw, and he desires to swallow them like water.

Therefore, on account of this, The God of Glory had mercy upon us, and he sent His Son to this world so that He might save us from captivity. He did not inform an angel or an archangel or any principality when he was about to come to us, but He changed Himself to be like a man when he was about to come to us so that He might save us from the flesh.
Therefore become sons to Him since he is a father to you.

What is prepared for both the sealed and the sinners

Remember that He has prepared thrones and crowns for you in heaven, saying, "Everyone who will obey Me will receive thrones and crowns among those who are Mine."

The Lord said, "I will write My Name upon their forehead and I will seal their right hand, and they will not hunger or thirst. Neither will the son of lawlessness prevail over them, nor will the thrones hinder them, but they will walk with the angels up to My City.

Now, as for the sinners, they will be shamed and they will not pass by the thrones, but the of death will seize them and rule over them because the angels will not agree with them. They have alienated themselves from His Dwellings.

The deceivers who oppose the fast

Hear, O wise men of the land, concerning the deceivers who multiply in the last times so that they will set down for themselves doctrines which do not belong to God, setting aside The Law of God, those who have made their stomach their God, saying, "The fast does not exist, nor did God create it," making themselves strangers to the covenant of God and robbing themselves of the glorious promises.

Now these are not correctly established in the firm faith. Therefore, don't let those people lead you astray.

The benefits of the fast

Remember that from the time when He Created the heavens, The Lord Created the fast for a benefit to men on account of the passions and desires which fight against you so that the evil will not inflame you.

"But it is a pure fast which I have Created," said The Lord. The one who fasts continually will not sin although jealously and strife are within him. Let the pure one fast, but whenever the one who fasts is not pure, he has angered The Lord and also the angels. And he has grieved his soul, gathering up wrath for himself for the day of wrath.

But a pure fast is what I have Created,
with a pure heart and pure hands.
For the pure fast releases sin.
It heals diseases.
It casts out demons.
It is effective up to The Throne of God for a fragrance
and for a release from sin by means of a pure prayer.

The need for single-mindedness

Who among you, if he is honored in his craft, will go forth to the field without a tool in his hand? Or, who will go forth to the battle and fight without a breastplate on? If he is found, will he not be killed?

Likewise, no one is able to enter the holy place if he is double-minded. The one who is double-minded in his prayer, is darkness to himself. And even the angels do not trust him. Therefore be single-minded in The Lord at all times, so that you might be able to perceive everything at every moment.

Furthermore, concerning the kings of Assyria and the dissolution
of the Heaven and the earth and the things beneath the earth

The Assyrian king of injustice

"Now therefore, those who are mine, will not be overcome" says The Lord, " nor will they fear in the battle." When they see a king who rises in the north, who will be called "the king of Assyria" and "the king of injustice", he will increase his battles and the disturbances against Egypt. The land will groan together because your children will be seized. Many will desire death in those days, but death will flee from them.

The signs of the king Assyrian king of injustice

Now I will tell you his signs, so that you might know him. For he has two sons: one on the right and one on the left. The one on the right will have a demonic face, and he will fight against The Name of God.

Now four kings will descend from that king. In his thirtieth year, he will come up to Memphis, and he will build a temple in Memphis. On that day, his own son will rise up against him and kill him. The whole land will be disturbed.

On that day, he will issue an order over the whole land so that the priests of the land and all the saints will be seized, saying, "You will repay doubly every gift and all the good things which my father gave you."

He will shut up the holy places, he will take their houses. He will take their sons prisoner. He will give the command and sacrifices, abominations and bitter evils will be done in the land. He will appear before the sun and the moon. On that day, the priests of the land will tear their clothes.

A lament for Egypt in those days

Woe to you, O rulers of Egypt in those days, because your day has passed. The violence being done to the poor will turn against you, and your children will be seized as plunder.

In those days, the cities of Egypt will groan for the voice of the one who sells and the one who buys will not be heard. The markets of the cities of Egypt will be dusty. Those, who are in Egypt, will weep together. They will desire death, but death will flee from them.

In those days, they will run up to the rocks and leap off, saying, "Fall upon us." And still they will not die. A double affliction will multiply upon the whole land.

In those days, the king will command, and the nursing women will be seized and brought to him, bound. They will suckle serpents. And their blood will be drawn from their breasts, and it will be applied as poison to the arrows.

On account of the distress of the cities, he will command again, and the young lads from twelve years and under will be seized and presented in order to teach them to shoot arrows.

	The midwife, who is upon the earth, will grieve.
	The woman, who has given birth, will lift their eyes to heaven,
	saying, "Why did I sit upon the birthstool,
	to bring forth a son to the earth?"
	The barren woman and the virgin will rejoice,
	saying, "It is our time to rejoice,
	because we have no child upon the earth,
	but our children are in heaven."

The western king of peace

Then a king, who will be called "the king of peace" will rise up in the west. He will run upon the sea like a roaring lion. He will kill the king of injustice, and he will take vengeance on Egypt with battles and much bloodshed.

It will come to pass in those days, that he will command a peace and a vain gift in Egypt. He will give peace to those who are holy, saying, "The Name of God is one." He will give honors to the saints and a restoration to the holy places.

He will wander in the cities of Egypt with guile, without their knowing. He will take count of the holy places. He will weigh the idols of the heathen. He will take count of their wealth. He will establish priests for them. He will command that the magicians and the great ones of the people be seized.

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