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The return of the Jews to Jerusalem

In those days, three kings will arise among the persians, and they will take captive the Jews who are in Egypt. They will bring them to Jerusalem, anf they will inhabit it and dwell there.

Then, when you hear that there is peace security in Jerusalem, tear your garments, O priests of the land, because the son of perdition will come soon. In those days, the son of the lawless one will appear in the holy places.

The Persian - Assyrian wars

In those days the kings of the Persians will hasten and they will stand to fight against the kings of Assyria. Four kings will fight with three. They will spend three years in that place until they carry off the wealth of the temple which is in that place.

In those days, blood will flow from Kos to Memphis. The river of Egypt will become blood, and they will not be able to drink from it for three days.

Woe to Egypt and those who are in it.

In those days, a king will arise in the city, which is called, "the city of the sun," and the whole land will be disturbed. He will flee to Memphis with the Persians.

The Persian triumph

In the sixth year, the Persian kings will plot an ambush in Memphis. They will kill the Assyrian king. The Persians will take vengeance on the land, and they will command to kill the heathen and the lawless ones. They will command to build the temples of the saints. They will give double gifts to The House of God. They will say, "The Name of God is one." The whole land will hail the Persians.

The reign of the righteous king form the city of the sun

Even the remnant, who did not die under the afflictions, will say, "The Lord has sent us a righteous king so that the land will not become a desert."

He will command that nothing royal be given for three years and six months. The land will be full of good in an abundant well-being. Those who are alive will go to those who are dead, saying, "Rise up and be with us in this rest."

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