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The arrival of the son of lawlessness

In the beginning of the fourth year of that king, the son of lawlessness will appear, saying, "I am the Christ," although he is not. Do not believe him!

The works of the Antichrist

The son of lawlessness will stand in the holy places.

		He will say, to the sun, "Fall," and it will fall.
		He will say, "Shine," and it will do it.
		He will say, "Darken," and it will do it.
		He will say to the moon, "Become bloody," and it will do it.
		He will walk upon the sea and the rivers as upon dry land.
		He will cause the lame to walk.
		He will cause the deaf to hear.
		He will cause the dumb to speak.
		He will cause the blind to see.
		The lepers, he will cleanse.
		The ill, he will heal.
		The demons, he will cast out.

He will multiply his signs and wonders in the presence of everyone. He will do the works, which Christ did, except for the raising of the dead alone.

In this you will know that he is the son of lawlessness, because he is unable to give life.

A picture of the Antichrist

Behold, I will tell you his likeness, so that you can recognize him.

He is a skinny-legged young man, having a tuft of gray hair at the front of his head.
His eyebrows will reach to his ears.
There is a leprous bare spot on the front of his hands.
He will transform himself in the presence of those who see him. He will become a young child. He will become old. He will transform himself in every sign. But the signs on his head will not be able to change.

Therein, you will know that he is the son of lawlessness.

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