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The martyrdom of Tabitha

The virgin, whose name is Tabitha, will hear that the shameless one has revealed himself in the holy places. And she will put on her garment of fine linen. And she will pursue him up to Judea, scolding him up to Jerusalem, saying, "O shameless one, O son of lawlessness, O you who have been hostile to all the saints."

Then the shameless one will be angry at the virgin. He will pursue her up to the regions of the sunset. He will suck her blood in the evening. And he will cast her upon the temple, and she will become a healing for the people.

she will rise up at dawn and live to scold him saying, "O shameless one, you have no power against my soul or my body, because I live in The Lord always. Also, my blood, which you have cast upon the temple has become a healing for the people."

The martyrdom of Elijah and Enoch

Then when Elijah and Enoch hear that the shameless one has revealed himself in the holy place, they will come down and fight with him, saying,

Are you indeed not ashamed?
When you attach yourself to the saints,
because you are always estranged.
You have been hostile to those who belong to heaven.
You have acted against those belonging to the earth.
You have been hostile to the thrones.
You have acted against the angels.
You are always a stranger.
You have fallen from heaven like the morning stars.
You were changed, and your tribe became dark for you. But you are not ashamed, when you stand firmly against God. You are a devil.

The shameless one will hear and will be angry. He will fight with them in the market place of the great city. He will spend seven days fighting with them. And they will spend three and one half days in the market place dead, while all the people see them.

But on the fourth day, they will rise up and they will scold him saying, "O shameless one, O son of lawlessness. Are you indeed not ashamed of yourself, since you are leading astray the people of God, for whom you did not suffer? Do you not know that we live in The Lord?"

As the words were spoken, they prevailed over him, saying, "Furthermore, we will lay down the flesh for the spirit, and we will kill you, since you are unable to speak on that day because we are always strong in The Lord. But you are always hostile to God.

The shameless one will hear, and he will be angry and fight with them. And the whole city will surround them. On that day, they will shout up to heaven as they shine, while all the people and all the world see them.

The persecution of the saints

The son of lawlessness will not prevail over them. He will be angry at the land, and he will seek to sin against the people. He will pursue all the saints. They and the priests of the land will be brought back bound. He will kill them and destroy them. Their eyes will be removed with iron spikes. He will remove their skin from their heads. He will remove their nails one by one. He will command vinegar and lime to be put in their nose.

Now those unable to bear up under the tortures of that king will take gold and flee over the fords to the desert places. They will lie down as one who sleeps. The Lord will receive their spirits and their souls to Himself. Their flesh will petrify. No wild animal will eat them until the last day of The Great Judgment.

They will rise up and find a place of rest in The Kingdom of Christ, but they will not be as those who have endured, because The Lord said, "I will grant to them, that they sit on my right hand."

Those who have endured, will receive favor over others, and they will triumph over the son of lawlessness. They will witness the dissolution of heaven and earth. They will receive the thrones of glory and the crowns.

The martyrdom of the sixty righteous

Sixty righteous ones, who have prepared for this hour, will hear. They will gird on The Breastplate of God, and they will run to Jerusalem and fight with the shameless one, saying, "All powers, which the prophets have done from the beginning, you have done. Nut you are unable to raise the dead, because you have no power to give life. Therein, we have known that you are the son of lawlessness."

He will hear and he will be angry and command to kindle the altars. The righteous ones will be bound. They will be lifted up and burned.

Men flee from the Antichrist

And on that day, the heart of many will understand and they will flee from him, saying, "This is not the Christ. The Christ does not kill the righteous, He does not pursue true men so that he might seek them, but he persuades them with signs and wonders.

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