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Those men, then took me and they carried me up to the fourth heaven. They showed me there all the movements and sequences, and all the rays of solar and lunar light. I measured their movements and compared their light.

And I saw that the sun has a light 7 times greater than the moon and I saw his circle and his wheels on which he always goes, going past always like the wind with quite marvelous speed and his coming and his going give him no rest, day and night.

I saw the 4 great stars, each star having 1000 stars under it, on the right-hand side of the sun's chariot, and 4 on the left-hand side, each one having 1000 stars under it, altogether, 8,000, going with the sun perpetually.

And 150,000 angels accompany the sun in the daytime, and at night 1,000. And 100 angels go in front of the sun's chariot, six-winged, in flaming fire; and the sun blazes up and sets the 100 angels on fire.


I looked and saw flying spirits, the solar elements, called phoenixes and khalkedras, strange and wonderful. For their form was that of a lion and their head was that of a crocodile. Their appearance was multicolored, like a rainbow. Their size was 900 measures. Their wings were those of angels, but they have 12 wings each. They accompany and run with the sun, carrying heat and dew, and whatever is commanded them of God.

Thus the sun goes through a cycle, and he goes down and he rises up across the sky and beneath the earth with the light of his rays. And the sun is there, on the track, unceasingly.


And those men carried me away to the east of that heaven and they showed me the solar gates through which the sun comes out according to the appointment of the seasons and according to the phases of the moon, for the entire year, and according to the numbers of the horologe, day and night.

I saw the 6 open gates, each gate having 61 stadia and a quarter of a stadium. I measures carefully and I figured out their size to be so much - through which the sun comes out and goes off to the west. It becomes even and goes in through all the months.

The first gate, the sun comes out for	42 days,
the second				35 days,
the third				35 days,
the fourth				35 days,
the fifth				35 days,
the sixth				42 days.

And then once more, the sun does an about turn and goes back the other way from the sixth gate, according to the round of the season:

And the sun goes through the fifth gate		35 days,
the fourth					35 days,
the third					35 days,
the second					35 days.

And so the days of the whole year are completed, according to the cycle of the four seasons.


Then those men carried me away to the west of the heaven, and they showed me six large open gates, corresponding to the circuit of the eastern gates, opposite them, where the sun sets according to the number of days, 365 and one-quarter..

Thus the sun goes back once again to the eastern gates, under the earth. And when the sun goes out from the western gates, he takes off his light, the splendor which is his radiance, and 400 angels take his crown and carry it to The Lord. For, since his shining crown is with God, with 400 angels guarding it, the sun turns his chariot around and goes back under the earth on wheels, without the great light which is his great radiance and ornament.

The sun remains for 7 great hours in night and the chariot spends half its time under the earth; and when he comes to the eastern approaches, in the eighth hour of the night, the 400 angels bring back the crown and crown him. And his brightness and the shining of his crown are seen before sunrise; and the sun blazes out more than fire does.


Then the solar elements called phoenixes and khalkedras, burst into song. That is why every bird flaps its wings, rejoicing at the giver of light. They burst into song at The Lord's command:

The light giver is coming,
to give radiance to the whole world;
and the morning watch appears,
which is the sun's rays.
And the sun comes out over the face of the earth,
and retrieves his radiance,
to give light to all the face of the earth.

They showed me the calculation of the sun's movement, and the gates by which he goes in and out; for these are the great gates which God created to be an annual horologe. This is why the sun has the greater heat; and the cycle for him goes on for 28 years, and begins once more from the start.


And another calculation those men showed me, that of the moon, and all the movements and phases and 12 big gates, crowned from the west to the east, through which the moon goes in and goes out, in accordance with the regular seasons.

She goes in by the first western gate, in the place of the sun -

By the first gate 	for 31 days exactly,
the second		for 35 days exactly,
the third		for 31 days exactly,
the fourth		for 30 days exactly,
the fifth 		for 31 days extraordinarily,
the sixth 		for 31 days exactly,
the seventh		for 30 days exactly,
the eighth 		for 31 days extraordinarily,
the ninth		for 31 days accurately,
the tenth		for 30 days exactly,
the eleventh 		for 31 days exactly,
the twelfth		for 22 days exactly.

Thus likewise by the western gates in accordance with the cycle, and in accordance with the number of eastern gates. Thus she goes in also by the western gates and she completes the year, 364 days.

The moon passes by the quarters for three years, and the fourth completes it exactly. For this reason, they are taken away, outside heaven, for three years; and they are not added to the number of the days, because these ones change the seasons of the year - two new moons increasing, two others decreasing.

And when the western gates are completed, she turns around and goes to the eastern ones with her light. Thus she goes, day and night, in accordance with the heavenly cycles, lower than all the cycles, swifter than the heavenly winds, spirits, elements and flying angels, with 6 wings on each angel.

The moon has a sevenfold intercalation, and a period of revolution of 19 years and she begins once again from the start.


In the middle of the heaven I saw armed troops, worshipping The Lord with tympani, pipes, unceasing and pleasant voices accompanied with pleasant, unceasing and various songs, which is impossible to describe. Every mind would be quite astonished, so marvelous and wonderful is the singing of these angels. And I was delighted listening to them.


And those men took me up on their wings and placed me on the fifth heaven and I saw there many innumerable armies called Grigori ( Watchers ). Their appearance was like the appearance of a human being, and their size was larger than that of large giants. And their faces were dejected, and the silence of their mouths was perpetual.

And there was no liturgy in the fifth Heaven. I then said to the men, who were with me, "What is the explanation that these ones are so very dejected, and their faces miserable, and their mouths silent? And why is there no liturgy in this Heaven?" And those men answered me, "These are the Grigori, who turned aside from The Lord, 200 myriads, together with their prince Satanail. And similar to are those who went down as prisoners in their train, who are in the second Heaven, imprisoned in great darkness. And three of them descended to the earth from The Lord's Throne onto the place Hermon. And they broke the promise on the shoulder of Mount Hermon.

And they saw the daughters of men, how beautiful they were; and they took wives for themselves, and the earth was defiled by their deeds. They and the wives of men created great evil in the entire time of this age, acted lawlessly and practiced miscegenation and gave birth to giants, great monsters and great enmity.

And this is why God has judged them with a great judgment; and they mourn their brothers, and they will be outraged on the Great Day of The Lord."

I said to the Grigori, "I have seen your brothers and their deeds and their torments and their great prayers; and I have prayed for them. But The Lord has sentenced them under the earth until heaven and earth are ended forever." And I said, "Why are you waiting for your brothers? And why don't you perform the liturgy before The Face of The Lord? Start up your liturgy, and perform the liturgy before The Face of The Lord, so that you do not enrage your Lord God to the limit."

And they responded to my recommendation, and they stood in four regiments in this heaven. And behold, while I was standing with those men, 4 trumpets trumpeted in unison with a great sound, and the Grigori burst into singing in unison. And thei voice rose in front of The Face of The Lord, piteously and touchingly.


Those men then took me from there, and they carried me up to the sixth heaven. There, I saw 7 groups of angels, brilliant and very glorious. Their faces were more radiant than the radiance of the sun, and there was no difference between their faces or in their dimensions or in the style of their clothing.

These groups of angels carry out and carefully study the movements of the stars, the revolution of the sun and the phases of the moon, and the well being of the cosmos. When they see any evil activity, they put the commandments and instructions in order, and the sweet choral singing and every kind of glorious praise.

These are the archangels who are over the angels. These archangels harmonize all existence, heavenly and earthly, the angels who are over seasons and years, the angels who are over rivers and the ocean, and the angels who are over the fruits of the earth and over every kind of grass, who give every kind of food to every kind of living thing.

Also, the angels who record all human souls, all their deeds and their lives before The Face of The Lord.

And in the midst of them are 7 phoenixes and 7 cherubim and 7 six-winged beings, having but one voice and singing in unison. Their song is not to be reported; and The Lord is delighted by His footstool.


Those men lifted me up from there and they carried me up to the seventh heaven. And I saw there an exceptionally great light, and all the fiery armies of the great archangels, and the incorporeal forces and the dominions and the origins and the authorities, the cherubim and the seraphim and the many-eyed thrones, the regiments and the shining otanim stations. I was terrified, and I trembled with great fear.

Those men then picked me up and led me into their midst and said to me, "Be brave, Enoch! Do not be frightened!" They showed me The Lord from a distance, sitting on His exceedingly high Throne.

And what is on the tenth heaven, since The Lord is present there? And on the tenth heaven is God, and it is called in the Hebrew language Aravoth. All the heavenly armies came and stood on the ten steps, corresponding to their ranks, and they did obeisance to The Lord.

Then they went to their places in joy, merriment and in immeasurable light, singing songs with soft gentle voices, while presenting the liturgy to Him gloriously.

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