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I saw all those from the age of my ancestors, with Adam and Eve. I sighed and burst into tears. I said concerning their disreputable depravity, 'Oh how miserable for me is my incapacity and that of my ancestors!' And I thought in my heart and I said, 'How blessed is the person who has not been born, who has not sinned before The Face of The Lord, so that he will not come into this place nor carry the yoke of this place.'


I saw the key-holders and the guards of the gates of hell standing, as large as serpents, with their faces like lamps that have been extinguished, and their eyes aflame, and their teeth naked down to their breasts. I said to their faces, 'It would have been better if I had not seen you, nor heard about your activities, nor that any member of my tribe had been brought to you. To what a small extent they have sinned in this life, but in the eternal life they will suffer forever.'

I ascended to the east, into the paradise of Edem, where rest is prepared for the righteous. It is open as far as the third heaven, but it is closed off from this world. The guards are appointed at the very large gates to the east of the sun, angels of flame, singing victory songs, never silent, rejoicing at the arrival of the righteous.

When the last one will arrives, he will bring out Adam, together with the ancestors; he will bring them in there, so that they may be filled with joy; just as a person invites his best friends to have dinner with him and they arrive with joy, they talk together in front of the man's palace, waiting in joyful anticipation to have dinner with delightful enjoyments and riches that cannot be measured, joy and happiness in eternal light and life.

I say to you my children: Happy is the person who reverences The Name of The Lord, who serves Him in front of His Face always, who organizes the gifts with fear, offerings of life, and who in this life lives and dies correctly!

Happy is he who carries out righteous judgment, not for the sake of payment, but for justice, not expecting anything whatever as a result; the result will be that judgment without favoritism will follow for him.

Happy is he who clothes the naked with his garment, and to the hungry gives his bread! Happy is he who judges righteous judgment for orphan and widow, and who helps anyone who has been treated unjustly!

Happy is he who turns aside from the short-lived path of this vain world, and walks in the right paths, and who lives that life which is without end! Happy is he who sows right seed, for he shall harvest sevenfold!

Happy is he in whom is the truth, so that he may speak truth to his neighbor!

Happy is he who has compassion on his lips and gentleness in his heart!

Happy is he who understands all The Works of The Lord, Performed by The Lord, and glorifies Him!

For The Works of The Lord are right, but the works of mankind - some are good, but others are evil; by their works those who speak lying blasphemies are recognized.


" I, my children, every just deed, every just decree, every just decision, I have checked out and written down, just as The Lord commanded me. In all these things I have discovered differences. For, just as one year is more honorable than another year, so one person is more honorable than another person -

some 		because of much property;
some again 	because of wisdom of the heart;
some again 	because of singular intelligence;
some again 	because of craftiness;
some again 	because of silence of the lips;
some again 	because of purity;
some again 	because of strength;
some again 	because of handsome appearance;
some again 	because of youth;
some again 	because of a penetrating mind;
some again 	because of bodily appearance;
some again 	because of abundant feelings.

Even though these things are heard on every side, nevertheless there is no one better than he who fears God (has wisdom). He will be the most glorious of that age.


"The Lord with His Own Two Hands created mankind; in a facsimile of His own face, both small and great, The Lord Created them. Whoever insults a person's face, insults the face of a king, and treats The Face of The Lord with repugnance.

He who treats with contempt the face of any person treats the Face of The Lord with contempt. he who expresses anger to any person without provocation will reap anger in the great judgment. He who spits on any person's face, insultingly, will reap the same at The Lord's Great Judgment.

Happy is the person who does not direct his heart with malice toward any person, but who helps the offended and the condemned, and lifts up those who have been crushed, and shows compassion on the needy. Because on the Day of The Great Judgment, every weight and every measure and every set of scales will be just as they are in a market. That is to say, each will be weighed in the balance, and each will stand in the market, and each will find out his own measure an din accordance with that measurement each shall receive his own reward.


"If any one is prompt in performing a good offering in front of The Face of The Lord, then The Lord will also be prompt to accept it on his account, and He will be prompt in His compensations. If anyone makes lamps numerous in front of The Face of The Lord, then The Lord will make his treasure store house numerous in the highest kingdom.

Does The Lord demand bread or lamps or sheep or oxen or any kind of sacrifices at all? That is nothing, but God demands pure hearts, by means of all those things He tests peoples hearts.


"Listen, my people, and give heed to the utterance of my lips! If to an earthly king someone should bring some kind of gifts, if he is thinking treachery in his heart, and the king perceives it, will not the king be angry with him? And will not he spurn his gifts? Will the king not hand him over for judgment?

If any person seduces another person into untruth by fair speech, but his heart is evil, will he not be conscious of the treachery of his heart, and will he not judge himself in himself, whether or not his judgment be true, how his untruthfulness is obvious to everyone?

When The Lord sends out the great light, in that light there will be true judgment, without favoritism, for true and untrue alike; and no one will be able to hide himself then.


"And now my children, place the thoughts in your hearts, and give heed to the sayings of your father, which I am making known to you from The Lips of The Lord. Receive these books in your father's handwriting, and read them. For the books are many; and in them you will learn all the Deeds of The Lord. There has been many books since the beginning of creation, and there will be until the end of the age; but not one of them will make things as plain to you as the books in my handwriting. If you hold on firmly to them, you will not sin against The Lord.

For there is no other besides The Lord, neither in heaven, nor on the earth, nor in the deepest places, nor in the one foundation. The Lord is The One who laid the foundations upon the unknown things, and He is The One who spread out the heavens above the visible and the invisible things. The earth, He solidified above the waters, and the waters He based upon the unfixed things; and He alone Created the uncountable creatures. And who is it who has counted the dust of the earth or the sand of the sea or the drops of rain or the dew of the clouds, or the blowing of the wind?


Who is it who has plaited the land and the sea together with indissoluble bonds. Who caused the unknowable beauty of the stars to spring forth from the fire, and with them has adorned the sky and put in the midst of them the sun, so that he might travel along the seven celestial circles, which are appointed with 182 thrones so that he might descend to the shortest day, and once more 182 so that he might descend to the longest day.

He also has two great thrones where he pauses when he turns around in this direction and in the other direction, higher than the lunar thrones. From the month Tsivan, from the 17 th day, de descends until the month of Theved; and from the 17 th day of Theved, he ascends.

In this way the sun moves along all the celestial circles. When he comes close to the earth, then the earth is merry and makes its fruit grow. But when he goes away, then the earth laments, and the trees and all fruits have no productivity.

All this is by measurement, and by the most precise measurement of the hours. He fixed it by measure, by His Own Wisdom, that is everything visible and invisible. From the invisible things and the visible things He created all the visible things; and He, Himself is invisible.

Thus I am making it known to you, my children; and you must hand over all the books to your children, throughout all your generations, and to your relatives, and among all nations who are discerning so that they may Fear God, and so that they may accept them. They will be more enjoyable than any delightful food on earth. They will read them and adhere to them.

But those who are undiscerning, and who do not understand The Lord, neither Fear God nor accept them, but renounce them, and regard themselves burdened by them - a terrible judgment is awaiting them. Happy is the person who puts their yoke on and carries it around; for he will plow on the day of Great Judgment.


"I am swearing to you, my children - But look! I am not swearing by my oath at all, neither by heaven nor by earth nor by any other creature which The Lord created. For The Lord said, "There is no oath in Me, nor any unrighteousness, but only Truth.' So, if there is no truth in human beings, then let them make an oath by means of the words 'Yes, Yes!' or, if it should be the other way around, 'No, No!'

I make an oath to you - 'Yes, Yes!' - that even before any person was in his mother's womb, individually a place I prepared for each soul, as well as a set of scales and a measurement of how long He intends him to live in this world, so that each person may be investigated with it.

Yes, children, do not deceive yourselves; for ahead of the time, a place has been prepared there for each human soul.


"I have set down the achievements of each person in the writings, and no one can hide himself, who is born on the earth, nor can his achievement be kept secret. I see everything, as if in a mirror.

Now, therefore, my children, in patience and meekness abide for the number of your days, so that you may inherit the final endless age that is coming.

Every assault, every persecution, and every evil word, endure for the sake of The Lord. If the injury and persecution happen to you on account of The Lord, then endure them all for the sake of The Lord. If you are able to take vengeance with a hundredfold revenge, do not take vengeance, neither on one who is close to you nor one who is distant from you. For The Lord is the one who takes vengeance, and he will be The Avenger for you on the day of the great judgment, so that there may be no acts of retribution here from human beings, but only from The Lord.

Let each of you put up with the loss of his gold and silver on account of a brother, so that he may receive a full treasury in that age.

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