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"Stretch out your hands to the needy in accordance with your ability. Do not hide your silver in the earth. Help a believer in affliction, and then affliction will not find you, in your treasuries and in the time of your work. Every kind of afflictive and burdensome yoke, if it comes upon you for the sake of The Lord, carry everything. And thus you will find your reward on the day of judgment.

In the morning of the day, in the middle of the day, and in the evening of the day, it is good to go to The Lord's temple on account of The Glory of your Creator. For every kind of spirit glorifies Him and every kind of creature, visible and invisible praises Him.


"Happy is the person who opens his lips for praise of The Lord, and praises Him with his whole heart. And cursed is every person who opens his heart for insulting, insults the poor, slanders his neighbor, because that person slanders God.

Happy is the person, who opens their lips, both blessing and praising God. Cursed is the person, who opens their lips for cursing and blasphemy, before The Face of The Lord all their days. Happy is the person, who blesses all The Works of The Lord. Cursed is the person, who despises any of The Lord's creatures. Happy is the person, who looks carefully to the raising of the works of their own hand. Cursed is the person, who looks, is jealous, and works to destroy the works of another.

Happy is the person, who preserves the foundations of his most ancient fathers, made firm from the beginning. Cursed is the person, who breaks down the institutions of his ancestors and fathers. Happy is the person who cultivates the love of peace. Cursed is the person, who disturbs those who are peaceful by means of love. Happy is he, even though he does not speak peace with his tongue, nevertheless in his heart there is peace toward all. Cursed is the person, who with his tongue speaks peace, but in his heart there is not peace, but a sword.

For all these things, will be weighed in the balances and exposed n the books on the great judgment day.


"So now, my children, do not say, 'Our father is with God, and he will stand in front of God for us, and he will pray for us concerning our sins.'

For there is no helper there - not even for one person who has sinned. See how I have written down all the deeds of every person before the creation, and I am writing down what is done among all persons forever. No one can contradict my handwriting; because the Lord sees all the evil thoughts of mankind, how vain they are. where they lie in the treasuries of the heart.

So now, my children, pay close attention to all your father's sayings, whatever I say to you, so that you will not be sorry, saying, 'Our father warned us at that time, about this ignorance of ours.' So that they may be peace for you in your inheritance.


"The books, which I have given you, do not hide them. To all who wish, recite them, so that they may know about the extremely marvelous Works of The Lord.


"Behold, my children, the prescribed day has arrived, the appointed time confronts me. It urges me on to my departure from you; the angels, who wish to go with me, are standing on the earth, waiting for what they have been told. For tomorrow morning, I shall go up to the highest Jerusalem, into my eternal inheritance. That is why I am commanding you, my children, so that you may do all that is well-pleasing before The Face of The Lord."


Methusalam answered his father and said, "What is pleasing in your eyes, father, so that we may prepare food in front of your face, so that you may bless our houses, your children and all your household; and your people will be glorified by you. Thus, after that, you will go away, as The Lord Wills."

Enoch answered his son, Methusalam and said, "Listen, child! Since the time when The Lord anointed me with the ointment of His Glory, food has not come into me, and earthly pleasure, my soul does not remember: nor do I desire anything earthly.


"But my child, Methusalam, call all your brothers, all the members of your households, and the elders of the people, so that I may speak to them and depart, as it has been predetermined for me."

Methusalam hurried and summoned his brothers, Regim, Riman, Ukhan, Khermion, Gaidad, and the elders of all the people. He summoned them before the face of his father Enoch, and they prostrated themselves in front of his face, and Enoch looked at them. And he blessed them; he spoke to them saying:


"Listen to me, my children today! In the days of our father Adam, The Lord came down unto the earth, on account of Adam. He inspected all His creatures, which He, Himself Created in the beginning of the thousand ages and when after all those He has Created Adam.

The Lord summoned all the animals of the earth, all the reptiles of the earth, and all the birds that fly in the air, and He brought them all before the face of our father Adam, so that he may pronounce names for all the quadrupeds; and Adam named everything that lives on the earth.

The Lord appointed him over everything as king, He subjected everything to him in subservience under his hand, both the dumb and the deaf, to be commanded, and for submission, and for every servitude. So also to every human being.

The Lord created mankind to be the lord of all His possessions. And The Lord will not judge a single animal soul for the sake of man; but human souls, He will judge for the sake of the souls of their animals. For the souls of all the beasts, there is, in the great age, a single place, a single padlock and a single pasture. Just as every human soul is according to number, so also, it is with animal souls. And not a single soul which The Lord has Created will perish until the Great Judgment. And every kind of animal soul will accuse the human beings who have fed them badly.


"He who acts lawlessly with the soul of an animal, acts lawlessly with his own soul. For a person brings one of the clean animals to make a sacrifice on account of sin, so that he may have healing for his soul. If he brings it to the sacrifice from clean animals and birds and cereals, then there is healing for that person, and he will heal his soul.

Everything that has been given to you for food, bind by four legs, so as to perform the healing properly. There is healing and he will heal his soul. He who puts to death any kind of animal without bonds, puts his own soul to death and acts lawlessly with his own flesh. He who does any kind of harm to any kind of animal in secret, it is an evil custom, and he acts lawlessly with his own soul.


"He who does harm to a human soul creates harm for his own soul, and there is for him, no healing in his flesh, nor any forgiveness for eternity.

He who carries out the murder of a human soul causes the death of his own soul, and murders his own body; and there is no healing for him for eternity. He who lies in wait for a person with any kind of trap, he himself will be entangled in it; and there is no healing for him for eternity. He who lies in wait for a person in judgment, his retribution will not be slackened in the Great Judgment for eternity. He who acts perversely, or says anything against any soul, righteousness will not be created for him for eternity.

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